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Se ha actualizado la nueva impresora de comida plana de tamaño A4

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Do you want to know more about our new A4 Size Flatbed Food Printer?

This is the basic appearance of our machine:


As long as your computer software has a printing function, new A4 Size Flatbed Food Printer can help you print out the picture you want. What you have to do is just a simple operation.

A4 Flatbed Food Printer is a cost-efficient model. The machine adopts Y/K/LC/LM/M/C 6 colors ink system. Its maximum print-definition reaches 5760*1440dpi and the printing effect is fantastic. The Max. height of food can reach 15cm. It can print edible images or logos onto food or drink surfaces for decorations. It is suitable for cafes, bars, creativity companies and shops to make creative customized edible decorations on food or drink. It is applied to print cakes, cookies, ice cream, pastries, marshmallows, edible paper, etc.蛋糕打印 (3)

New A4 Size Flatbed Food Printer can adjust itself to different product heights, Whether you want to print a cake or a cookie, it makes it easy for you!

For example, you can print picture on cake or some pastry like macaron~蛋糕打印 (5)圣诞马卡龙7

If you want to know more, contact us:


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