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Tinta comestible natural 100g

The natural edible ink is made from natural ingredients, which follow the tendency of healthy eating. It is suitable for all kinds of Foodart® food printers. The natural edible ink meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal standards. Ink is very popular with customers at home and abroad.

1. Adopt natural ingredients to be healthier;
2. Used to kinds of Foodart® food printers, wafer paper, rice paper, edible film, etc.;
3. Support color customized service;
4. Adopt edible materials and meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal and other over 10 standards;
5. The cost of ink is low, that it can be printed on 200 pieces a4 paper for each 100ml edible ink.

Product Description:
Jetcare® natrual edible ink 100g comes in the small package, which is more convenient to use. The edible ink can be used for kinds of digital cake printers and edible paper. It can be used for printing coffee latte, milk tea, macaron, Egg, tea milk, biscuit, pizza, macaron, ice cream, and edible paper. Edible ink can be refilled ink cartridges, and then printed by the printhead of EPSON, CANON and other brands.
Estado de Disponibilidad:
  • 100 g/botella (natural)

  • Jetcare


100ml natural pigment ink

Wedding pastries print

Makaron print



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